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Easy project management: comment with clients, track progress - keep everything in one place.

Core values
Improve productivity
Improve productivity

manage all your projects at the same time with transparency and clarity.

Manage project
Manage project

all your resources in one place: visualizations, inspirations, notes, cost estimates

Control budget
Control budget

creating costing list has never been so easy


Pin your comments on visualizations and say goodbye to hundreds of e mails.

Control budget

Set a project budget and receive cost estimates for individual visualizations.

Visual costing

A new way to create cost estimates that customers love.

Storage & inspirations

Store all your inspirations, 3D models, documents and visualizations

Team management

Quickly show subcontractors how the kitchen furniture should look like.

Discover client needs

We know what to ask customers to find out about their needs in an easy and fun way.

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Maciej Słowiński

Atelier Słowiński

Katarzyna Rząsa

Rząsa Home Designer

Marta Ziemnicka

Marta Ziemnicka

Aleksandra Przedecka

Zmiana Planu


Formly allows me to manage my project documentation easier and shortens the time that I need to communicate with the Investor. I think the greatest potential of the tool lies in automatic cost estimation. Formly is constantly evolving, and a definite advantage is that after submitting my improvement tips already two of my ideas have been added to the tool

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Maciej Słowiński

Atelier Słowiński

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Architectural  design studios

Architectural design studios

Created projects

Created projects

Happy clients

Happy clients

Products in  marketplace

Products in marketplace

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Looking all in one tool for interior designers, we replace:
Excel, Trello, Asana, Dropbox, Google Drive, Gmail, Homebook and more…

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