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Formly Studio - the tool for interior designers

Materials, inspiration, cost estimates, and client communication all in one place!

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Enhance Communication

Manage Projects and Your Company!

Enhance Communication

Formly Studio is primarily a tool for communication within your company and with clients. Say goodbye to email and information chaos. With Formly, all topics and information will be in one place.

Manage users

Invite collaborators, contractors, and clients to your project without limitations!

Disucss changes

Collaboratively manage the project and discuss visualizations, inspiration, and cost estimates!

Visual costing

Comment directly on visualizations or inspiration. Everyone stays up to date!

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All-in-One Project Management

With Formly Studio, you can not only organize your inspiration space, project materials such as visualizations, floor plans, schematics, electrical plans, 24/7 accessible cloud storage as well.

Manage assets in one place

Visualizations, inspiration, cost estimates, and files in one place, accessible 24/7 from any device.

Spreadsheets extention

Forget about spreadsheets, emails, and phone calls. Now, the entire project and documentation are in one place.

Organised to perfection

Create and organize the project space using an intelligent tagging system.

Virtual Cost Estimates

Formly simplifies cost estimation. With it, you can take control of the product-related chaos in your project. You can mark products on visualizations, download them from the internet using the plugin, and when the price changes at the source, it will be automatically updated.

Efficient budget planning

Mark products on visualizations while creating a cost specification simultaneously.

Visual costing

Visual and intuitive cost estimates for both you and the client!

Update prices automaticly

Automatic price and information updates!

Cost Specification Plugin

You can import data from contractors' websites, create cost estimates and specifications for clients. The plugin is an ideal tool that speeds up your work.

Different sources one place

Save inspirations from websites like Pinterest, Homebook, or Instagram in Formly using the plugin.

Search by image

Looking for a stylish living room from Pinterest? Find the perfectly matching product with Formly's image search.

Save inspirations

Save products from any website with a single click.

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Share your projects and acquire new clients

Projects Portfolio

Formly Studio is also a tool for creating project portfolios, allowing you to showcase your projects, services, or products perfectly! The tool has no limits when it comes to presentation.

Portfolio Creation Tool

Create a project portfolio in Formly Studio!

Tell a Story, Showcase Projects

Label tips, products, and create cost estimates.

Showcase Your Creative Process

Showcase your creative thought process, include visualization variations or inspirations that match the concept!

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