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Reach your customers!

Create a products portfolio and reach customers through the Formly platform. Advertise your products directly in customers cost estimates. How does it work?

Formly automatically recommends products to customers that match their style, budget, and tags.

Include product variants, 3D models, textures, and other parameters important to the customer.

Set product commissions and promotions! Increase the chances of adding them to the estimate.

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Every product can appear in the client's project as a recommendation! Just mark the 'Recommendation' option for the product, and if the client adds a tag that matches the product's designation, it will appear on their list of recommendations!

Enable product recommendations that will appear in the client's project.

Introduce new products to the market and use recommendations to improve the product's position in search results.

Enabled recommendations result in a higher position in image search results.

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Comprehensive CRM system that allows tracking and management of product recommendations, commissions, and referrals. This functionality enables your businesses to keep track of the products that are being recommended, by whom, and to whom, thereby providing insights into customer behavior and preferences.

Product Recommendation Tracking allows businesses to monitor the products that are being recommended.

Referral Management: This feature facilitates tracking and management of referrals made by individuals or businesses.

Commission: A crucial part of this feature, it helps in computing the commissions based on the referrals and successful transactions.

Product Strategy Analysis: By gathering data on product recommendations, referrals, and commissions, enables businesses to analyze their product strategies.

Unified Communication Platform: This functionality brings together all clients and designers in one place, facilitating seamless communication.

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Analyse customers data

Formly for Brands has the most extensive analytics platform on the market, and we know precisely what makes up budgets. You can analyze the attractiveness of your portfolio compared to the competition. Learn how it works:

Advanced product analytics - find out what Formly and your products' potential is.

Analyze the marketing funnel - we collect product interactions while searching, recommending, and displaying them on the results page!

Reports - if you want to base your decisions on data, we can prepare an unconventional report that confirms your assumptions.

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We provide brands and manufacturers with a unique tool to build portfolio projects. You can showcase your projects in a unique way with tagged products!

Create a portfolio project and show how your products can be used.

Tag products - with visual budgeting, you can create concepts that will be used by clients.

Inspire others! - use your marketing materials to inspire the Formly community.

Share your assets! - help clients share your resources with their clients.

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